Music Ministry at Brooks Baptist Church

Welcome to the Music Ministry at Brooks Baptist Church!!

Mary Powell
Mary Powell, Music Director

Our music program is a vital part of the worship services here at Brooks Baptist. Someone once asked a music director how many choir members he needed, his reply, “Just one more. “That sums up how I feel when it comes to our choir. We have all ages from 8 yrs to retired folks. The only requirement to sing in the choir is that you love the Lord. Ability is second to availability.

On Sunday morning you will hear the congregation singing wonderful old hymns, southern gospel, contemporary, and any other type of music which speaks about the love of the Lord and worshipping Him alone. Our wonderful musicians make each service special as they share their gifts and talents during the service. The church family is especially blessed when our own Sanctuary Trio sings.

Our sound tech and the media tech add so much. Providing sound effects for skits, making the choir and soloists sound their best or using videos to enhance the music.

Our worship team works so well together and each service provides unique opportunities for participation and worship. Please join us any Sunday morning or stop by on Wednesday night at 7:45 p.m. for choir practice, we would love to have you sing with us! -- Mary

Danny Creek
Danny Creek, Sound Man

Hi, I am Danny Creek. I have been married to a wonderful lady named Karen for over 30 years. God still works his miracles today and sometime with a sense of humor. I’ve had no music or sound equipment training. I am not only tone deaf, but I’ve lost 40% of my hearing in each ear. But in 1996, with God’s knowledge and wisdom, I became the “Sound Man.” God is still teaching me. HE can and will use you too. -- Danny

Brenda Coleman
Brenda Coleman, Video/Media

Welcome to the video/media ministry at Brooks Baptist Church. I am Brenda Coleman (better known as “Good Brenda”). My ministry requires running the videos, song lyrics, photos, keeping up with Mary’s song changes, and most importantly, keeping my sidekick, Danny, awake. Truthfully, I am blessed to work with very talented and caring Christians. Thanks for visiting our web site and please come join us for worship. Have a blessed day! -- “Good Brenda”

Mary Powell
The Sanctuary Instrumentalists
Sharon Orr, Karen Cash, Tom Case


Brooks Baptist Church Choir with Jennifer Strange of The Sanctuary Trio

Brooks Baptist Church Adult Choir
Brooks Baptist Church Adult Choir