The first way to get involved at Brooks Baptist is to join our family.  Ask our pastor or a deacon elder about becoming a member.  Get involved in our family by spending time with the members of Brooks Baptist.  Anyone from our family would love to spend time with you – whether it be meeting up for a meal, or connecting over the phone or social media.   Be part of one of our small groups, which meet on a regular basis to have fellowship, prayer, Bible study, and live life together as the body of Christ.  We see that spending time together with one another and others helps us to glorify God, grow to love Him more, and it builds up the body of believers.

Some organizational ways to get involved are:

Celebrate Recovery


Team Kids

Ladies Prayer Group


We also continually need those who are willing to serve the Lord in working with children, in administration, serving at community events, taking care of the building, and in glorifying God through digital media.  Please ask the pastor or a deacon elder for more details.